This Wizard is designed to create certificates for use with RoboTutor. To use it, fill-in the 3 sections below, click Submit, and the finished certificate will appear on the screen. You have the option of using your own graphics in Part I or our graphics in Part II. 

Part I: Content  

1st Line (lg)  
Your Graphic Quick Help 
3rd Line:   

Student Name:

5th Line: (sm)  See Instructions
below for changing text font, size, & color.
6th Line: (med)
7th Line: (sm)
Your Graphic Quick Help
Optional competencies (Part 2 below) are inserted here 
Left Signature Quick Help
Right Signature

Quick HelpPart 2: Competencies & Achievements 

Competency / Subject Area  
Leave blank or put an "N" in the Use box eliminate.

Include the above competencies or achievements?

Quick Help
Yes, No
If yes, include the above scores and/or comments?

Yes, No

Part 3: Overall Design

No graphic  Top Graphic
award1.jpg (17804 bytes)

No graphic

Bottom Graphic
Triumphant Graduate Study Hard
Joyous Graduates Honor Class
Graduation Panel Graduating Smiles

Border Size

Med Lg
Med Sm
Border Color
Gray Maroon Black Blue


Certificate Width (of screen): 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 100%
(Make it narrower when using pre-printed certificate paper.)
Minimum Certificate Height (in pixels):   500, 600, 700, 800, 900
(A full printed page is 800 to 900 pixels. Content is vertically centered on the page.)
Space between Competencies (in pixels): 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45
(It may be necessary to expand or shrink this space to adjust page length.)
Background Color:
light blue antique white azure beige bisque blanched almond
corn silk light cyan light gold honey dew ivory light pink
lavender lemon chiffon lavender blush linen peach puff pale turquoise
wheat white white smoke light gray pale green mint cream

Click Next and the certificate will appear on your screen. 

To print the finished certificate, follow these instructions: 

Internet Explorer users: 

  • Click the Refresh button on your browser's menu bar after the certificate appears.

  • Then click Print. It does not always print print on paper the way it appears on the screen.

  • To print the background color of the certificate, your browser's default settings may need to be changed. Go to Tools/Internet Options, then click the Advanced Tab. Scroll down and you will see a header called Printing. Check the box, Print background colors and images. 

  • To remove the Header and Footer from the printed page, go to File/Page Setup and erase the contents of those boxes.

Netscape Navigator users:

  • If you click the Print button on the Menu bar, Navigator will not print the certificate. Instead, it will print the original form that generated the certificate. Clicking Reload does not fix the problem. 

  • To print the certificate, you will need to either use Internet Explorer and follow the above instructions, or use a screen capture utility. 

Note: to change the way the text appears, enter the following HTML code in the form field before the text. 

  • To change the font face only, you might enter: <font face=Diploma> Your Text

  • To change the size of the font only, you might enter: <font size=5>Your Text

  • To change the color of the font only, you might enter: <font color=red>Your Text

  • To change the size, color, and font face, you might enter: <font size=5 color=red face=Diploma>Your Text 

  • To add a line break, put a <br> before or after the text. To add two line breaks, add two: <br><br>.

  • To make any text you enter bold, put <b> before the text and </b> after it. For example, <b>Your Text </b>